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(Each video is under 4 minutes and also available on YouTube)

Video 1 - Profile and Notification Setup. This is where you update your account information and category and tag notification settings. will automatically send you a once-daily customized email with upcoming webevents that will match only those categories or tags that you selected in your profile setup. You can select a maximum of 6 categories and 12 tags. This is also where you can also turn on/off the notification service and receipt of our newsletter.

Video 2 - Pricing - Basic and Premium Plans. Basic plans are free. Premium plans cost a nominal amount. All plans allow you to list, search and view webevents and to receive notifications of webevents that match your specific category and tag criteria (which you set up in your profile). Premium listings have more notifications, categories, tags and links than basic listings so they will be displayed over two times more to your target audience than basic listings. They're also bolded so they stand out. Both basic and premium webevent listings can be converted to on-demand listings after the webevent has taken place. Starting in 2012, there will be a $7 charge to convert a basic webevent to an on-demand listing.

Video 3 - How to Add Your Webevent. To add a webinar or virtual event, you must first log in. Once logged in, click on the appropriate tab for either webinar or virtual event and then click on the add tab. Although only the title, start and end date are required in the webevent form, you should fill in all the fields. Make sure to select categories and tags because these are used for the online search and daily email notification. Premium events have additional categories, tags and links. Click save when all your information is entered. Once a webevent has occurred, it can be converted to an on-demand listing. By clicking on the Update/View webinars tab, you can view, edit or convert any of your webevents to on-demand.

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