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Advertising on wwWebevents

There are several areas you can advertise on wwWebevents. These include:

  • on one specific page or multiple pages
  • by sponsoring an event or article
  • at the top or bottom of the email notifications
  • on our blog.

How It Works

Page ads are available in two sizes: 220x160 (width x height) and 220x320. Their position and page placement is randomly rotated. This is not a problem since most pages usually contain only two advertisements, both of them being above the fold.

Rates are based on the page and the number of click thrus. We do not currently offer a charge for the number of displays (cpm) package although we do maintain display counts.

Depending on the page, the displayed advertisement can also be based on related search content. Advertisements on the blog and newsletter are not context sensitive.

Advertisements on the top and bottom of our email notification are very valuable because we only include one advertisement in each location per email. Currently, these advertisements are only available in text form (with hyperlinks). Consideration of permitting an html version ls currently under consideration.

Corporate Premium Accounts

Companies with a corporate premium account (refer to the pricing tab for more information) enjoy many advantages. Besides including three premium accounts and premium upgrades, the corporate premium account also discounts the cost of your advertisements as well as your choice in advertising placements.

Contact us to discuss your advertising needs and price.

Contact Information

Carmel, NY 10512
P: 845-510-3133 • F: 845-230-3259